Starlight Bath Truffles

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Starlight Bath Truffles

Pure Crown Chakra Activation! Starlight Bath Truffles is a wonderful solution for a self-care night! A loving bathing experience filled with intention and warmth. This deliciously scented lavender vanilla bath truffle will fizz and bubble in your tub. The combination of cocoa and shea butters will leave your skin ultra-soft and moisturized. These truffles are a great way to add-skin loving oils to your water, to soothe and calm the mind and the restless body. Cocoa Butter is generously added to protect the skin from environmental and external pressures that can lead to irritations and sun damage. High on fatty acids, it's often praised for its ability to hydrate and nourish the skin and improve elasticity.

5 Truffles in each bag, Net Wt: 7oz

EVER'S TIP: Crush truffle under the faucet for even distribution of bubble and fizz.

Shelf Life: 6-8 Months

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