Ever Arias is a first-generation Salvadoran with indigenous roots. She is an interdisciplinary artist who has molded herself as the business owner of EVERS Handcrafted Apothecary. At first, it began as a side hustle after experiencing a spiritual reclamation arising from her ancestral Salvadoran roots. She incorporated Meditation and Herbalism as a holistic alternative to heal her from recurring flare-ups due to Multiple Sclerosis. This experience empowered her soul to search for a way to soothe her body with holistic approaches. In doing so, these bathing rituals reconnect her body through the modality of water. Adorned purifying baths, herbs, salves, ritual soaps, and scrubs release unwanted energies that hold us back from becoming our best selves. A line of bath and body products was created to affix ourselves back to plant kin and allow a gentle release. At this moment, we are present with compassion and the embracing ebb and flow of life.