Incense Cones (3 Varieties)

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Our homemade Sacred Incense blends are crafted with intention as a Divination aid, Tarot/Oracle spread, Scrying, Astral Projection in Dreamtime, Meditation, or burning alone with charcoal tablets or a heat-safe container. Our blends are mixed according to one's need for divine guidance, to bring in protective energy, and to amplify peace in the sacred space. Take a few moments to focus on your question or questions while the coals warm, asking for the Spirits, Guides, and Ancestors you work with to assist with your divination.

1-2oz/ white paper baggie. Pack of 5.


Angelica - Angelic Protection

Sage - Purification

Rosemary - Stimulates memory & Clarity

St. John's Wort - Banishing

Sage - Purify sacred spaces. Wisdom

Frankincense - Consecration. Dispel Malelvent Energies

SIGHT Blend:

Ura Ursi - Enhance intuitive and psychic powers

Mugwort - Astral travel. Prophetic dreamwork

Blue Lotus - Elevates mood. Meditation aid

Sage - Purify sacred spaces. Wisdom

Copal - Purification, uplift spirits. Induce psychic visions

HEART Blend:

Cinnamon - Meditation and Astral projection. Increases spirituality

Damiana - Astral Projection and Spirit Quests

Gotu Kola - Meditation, Psychic Development

Rue - Protection against the evil eye. Increases mental power and clarity

Frankincense - Consecration. Dispel Malelvent Energies


CAUTION: Use a heat-safe bowl or plate to light incense in a well-ventilated area. BURN WITHIN SIGHT!

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