Astral Tea Soak

Astral Tea Soak

Now in pouch form! Astral Tea Bath Soak is THE solution to relieve stress and the cloudiness from the external energies that have been floating around your aura. A relaxing herb mix of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Spearmint, and Juniper Berries, not only soothes but detoxifies the body from impurities but also relaxes tense muscles. A nourishing oil/butter combo of Coconut oil and Mango Butter gives this soak a luxurious experience; moisturizing and calming the dry, itchy skin from seasonal climates. Coconut Milk Powder is added to help maintain the elasticity and flexibility of the skin; but also has purification and protection properties as well. Coconut is associated with the moon with the element of water. Bathe yourself with this tea under the Full Moon, bathing in lunar energy.


EVER'S TIP: To avoid cleaning up the tea from the tub with your hands, simply use a cotton/muslin bag. Steep it in your bath or drape it over your faucet.
Let the salts, herbs, and oils diffuse into the bathwater.

Using natural colorants, herbs, flowers, or vanillin can turn soaps and bath bombs brown over time. Each bag weighs approximately 6oz. Detergent Free. Vegan.

Shelf life: 6 Months

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