Aura Tea Potion (Purification)

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NOTE: As of Feb 2022, we have changed the packaging of Aura to 4x6 White Kraft Stand-up Pouch Bags. Good for ONE use.

Soak your body with an abundance of herbs to release unwanted emotions and banish malevolent energies. Prepare your bath, run the water to the temperature of your liking, burn incense for blessings, and light your candle with intention. It's essential to set up space with things that lift and alter your state of mind; to feel at peace while you soak. Let the water wash away the pressures, worries, and fears using the blessed water to work through your aura; neutralizing and healing through the bathing ritual.

Mix: Basil, Calendula, Lavender, Rue

Rue or RUDA plays a vital role in purification and protection against hexes, jinxes, and malignant energies; a wonderful herb to strengthen your aura and promote health, focus, and self-awareness.

HOW TO USE: To avoid cleaning up the tea from the tub with your hands, simply use a cotton/muslin bag. "Steep" it in your bath or drape it over your faucet.
Let the herbs diffuse into the bathwater. Shelf Life: 8 Months

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